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We see every problem as a challenge waiting for a solution and we are committed to finding that solution. Having the right NBN Plans and technology tools in place should help you to increase your turnover, improve productivity and enhance the level of service you are able to give to your customers. Working closely with other service providers like Cloud and IT companies gives us an edge, another level of capability in what we are able to supply.

Whether you are a small or medium business owner you should be able to focus on what you do best – run your business. Technology is there to support you in building and running your business by providing easier and simpler ways of operating, ideally saving you time, money and stress.

Understanding your business enables us to provide you with customised technology tools and NBN Plans, this way we see ourselves as not just providers of technology solutions for small businesses, but as consulting partners in the technology space.

As technology advances and businesses also must adapt, we can advise on the most suitable solutions and we can manage the changeover to those new developments for a fast and easy switch.

Ineffective or incorrect technology can and does cost businesses in both financial terms and in terms of productivity. Whereas having the right technological tools can be transformational to an organisation.

We will continue to source alternative access methods for sites all around Australia, while our big picture goal is to provide all the best access options for customer sites Australia wide.

Our mission is to make sure the NBN Plans and business phone system solutions we give you are so good you will want to stay with us for the long term…

…so let us show you how the right technology tools for the right objective can save you time, money and productivity.

“HIP Communications has been wonderful to work with. We have been so impressed with their response time and dedicated service. They have gone above and beyond to help us find solutions to our networking needs. If you’ve ever dealt directly with Telstra or Optus, you’ll understand how valuable HipCom service is.”

Integra Wealth SolutionsAinhi N., Practice Manager

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Whether you’re a start-up looking for a cost-effective solution or a business with a team of 100, we’ve got you covered with:

Fast and cost-effective broadband technology for small businesses.
The National Broadband Network is already transforming the Australian economy by providing quality communication solutions. Fast internet access allows for an integrated approach to your technology and communications. Furthermore, the fast speed will increase your team’s productivity.

High-speed and Reliable Internet Access.
This top of the range solution is the must-have option for those companies that use Cloud technology -which allows resources to be remotely accessed-, VoIP -calls done through the internet and IoT solutions -connecting you to smart devices remotely.

A VoIP phone system with more functionality and benefits than ever before. VoIP phone calls over an IP data network, whether on the internet or your own internal network.
This system allows you to Eliminate Line Rentals and offers Feature-Rich Voice; Great for conference calls.

The fact is that everyone in Australia will have to move to an IP phone system. This option was created so businesses could hold-off on buying a new phone system by keeping your traditional phone system. A device is placed between your phone system and the internet. Calls are then redirected through the internet.

“I would recommend HIP Communications for any business needing all their communication needs sorted under one roof. They provide a great service, are very approachable. With their solutions, all our staff is connected without issues and that’s invaluable to our company, especially since key roles are located in New Zealand whilst our Head Office is in the Gold Coast.”

Ezi Build Group Pty LtdKaren V., Office Manager.

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Our Point of Difference

We can deliver integrated Voice and Data solutions where any Voice traffic is prioritised when going over our data network. This ensures the voice quality.

Most VoIP service providers can’t guarantee that voice data packets won’t travel over the public internet. When a customer has both their Voice and Ethernet Data service with Hip Communications we can absolutely guarantee the quality of calls.

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