4 Reasons Why Accountants Need Business Grade Internet

…As technology advances, it makes sense that accounting firms are moving their practices entirely into the cloud…



The world of accounting is one of the many professions that has revolutionized with the development of technology. Gone are the days where entries are done manually, and the introduction of ‘Cloud’ systems has become more of a valuable utility than running water in business environments.

There’s no denying cloud accounting systems are powerful, efficient, mobile and well, just easy to use. However, if its supported with poor internet then things can go pear-shaped and your office is at a standstill.

Here’s 4 reasons why ALL accounting firms need high quality, business grade internet…

1. The Emergence of the Cloud

As technology advances, it makes sense that accounting firms are moving their practices entirely into the cloud. This advancement has allowed for businesses to save costs, manage their data effectively and securely and be able to access information remotely. This is helpful for programs such as; Sage HandiTax Cloud, Solutions 6 and MYOB. While you don’t need an amazingly, powerful computer to use software as a service (SaaS), you do need reliable, high quality internet to take full advantage of this.

2. Becoming Futuristic

The accounting industry has been shaped significantly over the years with the line between the digital and physical world now becoming more obscure. Some business owners will have to decide as to whether they should upgrade their Server and pay large fees or move to the cloud version of the same software. Therefore, being prepared for the future of technological advances it what will make business remain competitive.

3. Cost Benefit Analysis

For high quality internet, this is quite simple – online accounting systems like MYOB, Sage and Solutions 6, save costs and allow businesses to run and perform efficiently. So not only do the benefits of premium internet outweigh the costs but they are necessary for any business to perform to the best of their ability.

4. Time

Arguably the most valuable asset in any business. Studies have shown that on average, business lose one week per year for each employee due to slow computers and poor internet connection. That’s a significant loss no matter how big or small your business may be. Time = productivity + reliability of resources, and that is something every business needs to have balance to be able to run effectively.

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