Wanna work from Home?

…how technology challenges the preconceived notion that working from home is dificult to accomplish.

They can all cause you a headache, by not being able to reach the right person at the right time.

The Gold Coast has become a major hub for big events. While this is a great opportunity to create exposure and help develop an international image, we must also acknowledge our shortcomings, the infrastructure.

Even when you send out notices to your customers, just like our customers, they expect the same quality of service, regardless of what world-class events are being hosted.

What if the Commonwealth Games had been a nightmare? Many of our customers had asked us what options were available to minimize the disruptions we all thought they would cause, like working from home.

By the same token, you want to be able to offer attractive benefits to your employees. You want them to be happy, and using technology is a great way to do this.

A good solution comes from our Hosted PBX solution, the UC-One Application.

Developed by Broadsoft, a world leader in software technology, the UC-One app is made for those who think communication is very important. Whether you need to be reachable always or just want the ability to work from anywhere*, this is a must-have application for you.


– Imagine there are road closures all around your office, so everyone will work from home today… Not ideal in other cases. A customer calls the main number, the receptionist answers using the UC-One App, while at her home. The customer needs help resolving a technical issue. She easily finds an available technician from her app contacts and transfers the call. The technician, being at home on his UC-One App, answers the call, gets told the situation and is put through to the customer. The issue is resolved and the customer is satisfied.

– A customer rings in and is distraught with a service issue. So you use your UC-One App to see who is online. Some staff are on-site and others are working off-site today, but the location doesn’t matter. The staff member you need to talk to is currently on a call and you know the customer can’t wait, so you use the UC-One App to “Ping” the staff member and get an instant message reply. You go back to the customer with the right information and a disaster is averted.

– Imagine your boss goes to a meeting but forgot one of the important documents, he sees you are available on the UC-One App, so he sends you an instant message asking for the file. You simply attach the file to a message and hit “Send”. He receives the file within seconds and the crisis is averted. Congratulations, you just saved the day.

HIPCOM, helping consumers get educated on the communication reality of today…

….like working from the beach, as if they were in the office… what a life!