Ruben Alker

Ruben Alker is a telecommunications expert with over 15 years in the industry. He is the Managing Director of Hip Communications and has been responsible for a minimum 10% annual sales growth over the last 6 years.

Previous roles as Financial Controller at Telstra and call centre General Manager have given him the commercial and operational skills required to understand what is important to business owners.

Although his first passion is his family, he does find time for gym, golf and eating great food. But not at the same time

Pen Alker

Pen Alker is a co-owner of Hip Communications and is responsible for Administration and Customer Service. She has devised a service strategy for Hip that has resulted in 95% customer retention over the last 6 years in business.

Over the years Pen has transformed businesses with her genuine and accountable approach to Customer Service. With a passion for wellbeing, health and fitness, she is often leading the conversation around healthy eating in the office. Pen would happily give advice on your next training session.

Her life long experience around running and owning businesses coupled with her drive for Work/Life Balance makes her easy for customers to relate to.

Pen enjoys spending time with family and friends and obviously hitting the gym!

Mal Evans

Mal has been working in the telecommunications and IT industries for the last 13 years in a number of different roles.As Infrastructure Manager for HIP Communications his main focus is to ensure that all the products and services work as well as they can. This lets Mal's perfectionist streak work for our customers - if it isn't good enough for Mal, it certainly isn't good enough for our customers.