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Biography for the Managing Directors
Ruben Alker

A long history in small business in Australia before making the switch into telecommunications has given me quite a unique insight into how to successfully bring both together for high impact.

After starting off in small business operations, my natural affinity with and understanding of all things telecommunications meant making a career change quite early on. At first working as a financial controller at Telstra for one of the larger Sydney regions, I then took on GM of Operations, again with Telstra, but this time in the service division.

Local Internet Provider

Finding my niche in a technology-focused role was a perfect fit for me and it was during this time I became part of a team that introduced large-scale automation through the use of technology.

I’ve seen firsthand how some small business owners can get completely overwhelmed in the face of technological challenges. This is understandable given that technology is a constantly changing platform and it’s gratifying to be able to help eliminate some of that mental stress by giving them a solution that works best for their particular situation.

In an age where technology plays a major role in redefining and transforming business, both in terms of the actual business operations and also in the way those businesses see their futures, the sheer volume of choices available can be very confusing…

…not all technology works for all people or all businesses.

Many of our customers have come to us after having been sold the wrong solution for their situation to begin with. We then see a cycle of ineffective technology having a negative impact on the people trying to use it, leading to frustration and eventually a lack of faith in technology generally which also affects their business negatively.

Doing what we do helps small businesses step up into the digital age which ultimately makes their business more viable and easier to scale. Delivering customised technological solutions designed to suit specific needs can actually free up valuable time and resources, particularly for traditional small business owners, which then helps with their bottom line.

Starting Hip Communications was really all about providing small business owners with the technological solutions and a Local Internet Provider that would work best for the business. At that time I was watching small businesses falling through the cracks because the larger Telcos were only interested in looking after the bigger businesses. I knew I could change that by offering small businesses and medium businesses the communication solutions they needed an a local internet provider they could rely on.

The beauty of technology is that by having the most efficient tools in place to help run the business, you as the business owner can choose your lifestyle.

What I love most about what I do is seeing the end result of helping clients by providing the right solution for the right issue they are facing. Once our clients experience the ease and flow that creates in their business and therefore their life, they can get on with the job knowing they have the right tools to support them in that. I never tire of seeing that outcome.

I’m also very proud of the fact that we are Platinum Sponsors for Women of Influence and active members of the Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce.

Penny Alker

My focus is on looking after our customers, managing their accounts and taking care of the financial and marketing aspects of the company.

After running my own small business and working in management over the last 20 years, I’m well placed to see things from the customer’s perspective. Given that I am also very tech savvy, I can often help our customers to understand the next step to take in their technology journey using not so tech language.

It’s really important to me that the experiences our customers have with us are positive ones. Our business in real terms is service-based, we are here to serve up the technology answer our customers possibly don’t know they are searching for.

Customer relationships are key to every good business story, the success and longevity that business is able to achieve are dependent on those relationships. I value those relationships very highly and am committed to being part of the team that provides the help our clients need.

One of the joys of being in business is that it provides an opportunity to be involved in a bigger way with causes that really matter. To that end I am proud that we are Platinum Sponsors for Women of Influence and an active member of the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce.


Contact Hip Communication today and let us show you how the right technology tools for the right objective can save you time, money and productivity.  Services include local internet provider and hosted phone systems Brisbane and Gold Coast.