Data Networks

Platinum Private Data Networks

Have all your sites connected on 1 network
Secure, scalable and cost-effective
Easily interact and share information
Bandwidth up to 10Gbps

Experience Secure, Scalable and Cost-effective Ethernet multipoint connectivity withthe Platinum Private data networks. This solution allows geographically dispersed locationsto easily interact and share business-critical information and is delivered over Platinum Network’s MPLS Core Network.


Connect to Platinum’s advanced carrier grade IP-MPLS network. All your sites connected with our Ethernet or NBN services anywhere in Australia will be connected on 1 network visible to the customers.

Leverage cost-effective Ethernet as your foundation so multiple services can be delivered using a single physical Access.

Tailor the bandwidth to suit your business. With internet connectivity from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, you can upgrade your speed and internet data plan as your business grows.