Internet Solutions

Business owners or managers will implement technology as they strive to improve productivity and reduce costs. Typically these technology improvements rely heavily on a fast, reliable internet connection. It is not uncommon for business owners to implement new systems or applications at their business only to find out their current internet connection doesn’t support it.
Most small businesses and some large businesses have relied on ADSL 2 for their internet in the past. With the advent of the NBN, the copper used for ADSL is getting ripped up. Some would argue that the quality of the copper network is degrading quickly as we get closer to a full NBN rollout.
The transition from ADSL to Ethernet for businesses is inevitable. Cost has always been a barrier to upgrade. However with the widespread rollout of Fibre and Ethernet over Copper Networks, the proposition is much more appealing. Once you take into the account the elimination of existing phone line rentals, businesses often find themselves saving money before all the benefits have been taken into account.
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