Fibre 400

TPG's Fibre400 represents a breakthrough in cost-effective yet flexible fibre-optic connectivity for business. Fibre400 offers symmetric 400Mbps fibre-optic connectivity from more than 1,000 buildings in CBD & major metropolitan areas to the TPG national business backbone with enterprise-grade capability at prices never seen before.
Fibre400 supports up to four (4) TPG services within a 400Mbps "envelope" including:
•    IP-Line (Our enterprise-grade Internet access product with an Unlimited usage plan and managed router option)
•    Ethernet-Line (Secure business grade connectivity between two sites)
•    Ethernet-VPN (A flexible private networking solution for multi-site customers with complex requirements)
•    IP/MPLS-VPN (A comprehensive private networking solution for multi-site customers featuring 6 classes of service and extensive management options)
So you choose whether to use the entire 400Mbps for a single service (eg Unlimited Internet as in the case of this offer) or split it up between multiple services however you see fit.
There's no need for your equipment to support any VLAN complexity as each service is handed off to you via a dedicated 10/100/1000-BASE-T port on our NTU.
Key Features and Benefits
•    Market Leading Price
•    Flexible
•    Capable
•    Superior Reliability
Fibre400 is a symmetrical 400Mbps Ethernet-over-Fibre connection from the TPG national business backbone to your office. This Metro-Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified multi-service connection supports up to four discrete enterprise-grade services each handed off to you via a dedicated 10/1001/000-BASE-T port on our NTU. For full details of each supported service please contact TPG.

Fibre400 is fully configurable, empowering customers with choice as to how their 400Mbps connectivity to the TPG national business backbone is used. Customers can choose to allocate all 400Mbps to a single service (eg Unlimited Internet or IP/MPLS VPN) or they could choose to split the bandwidth between up to 4 discrete services. A good example might be a Fibre400 connection with a 200Mbps Unlimited Internet service and a 200Mbps IP/MPLS VPN service. TPG will continue to add new services that can be delivered via Fibre400.

Fibre400 is fully flexible, enabling users to Add and Remove services and change the bandwidth allocated to any service at any time via our online customer portal - TPG Frontier.

Fibre400 puts you in full control of your network connectivity.